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 Need a spare Account?

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PostSubject: Need a spare Account?   Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:02 am

So I have a spare account that's clean and I thought id make use of it by offering it to my guild mates.

Both characters are clean and have nothing on them.
and there both on the same account and there stats/skills were referenced from a build.

It has a lvl 54 Brawler (Female)
Name: XiLilCutieiX
-201 Fame

Lvl 54 Dexless Sin (Male)
28 DEX
Name: XiDoomXi

I want to ask to trade for a PG mule and maybe a cleric preferably the same lvl (30+ at least)
Or mesos, free leech..

The reason I want to get rid of this is because I dont use it and I know how much everyone wants brawlers and dexless sins and im just trying to be a friend and give this away for something of lesser value.
Also I have low lvl friends that I want to pq with and id rather not lvl a new character and have a PG mule so I can start selling leech soon.

Tell me if your interested
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Need a spare Account?
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